Train Station


"Say what you will about The Master, Berthie, but at least he made the trains run on time."


Larry West
"We ain't friends, we ain't partners, and remember when the train get's here, You ride in the cattle car."


William Burleson
"One little shove and the whole farm could be mine" thought Bessie.

S.E. Buzaleski
"An uncomfortable silence hung in the air. They both knew the kiss was forced, and his excuse for leaving was utter bullshit."

Brad Wohlgemuth
"Damn it cow, you bring me here every day, and for what? Nothing! There is no train! There's no train, cow! And, stop looking at me like that..."

Michael Skwara
"Hills Like White Bramin" - Hemmingway's classic short story of the end of innocence comes to life in this Dry Falls community theatre production. Tickets Still Available.

Kyle Murphy
"I told ya ta stop following me!"" But Ed's words meant nothing to the stupid human.

James Nicholls
Their attempts to flee by rail thwarted, the last one-headed cow in the continental United States and her human companion "Pucky-Boy" are caught in the paralyzation beam of the Zeta-Reticulan mothership and abducted.

Erik Finch
Time had proven the old drill sergeant right. By the time the war ended the only things left in Texas were, ironically, steers and queers.

Run out of yet one more town, Kleetus and his wife-to-be wait for the train, both hoping it would take them somewhere with greener pastures and more open-minded neighbors.

Joseph Jahrsdoerfer
"Take the A train to 43rd and Broadway, look for the man with two wooden legs... where'd you get these instructions anyway?"

Matt Ferraris
Warrior: "Tell me about the rabbits george." Brahmin: "God dammit if i have to tell you one more time about the stupid rabbits I'll just snap!"