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17 lutego 2002
Fallout Tactics 2 - odwoany. - 19:29 - DoPr
Nie wiem od kiedy ju o tym wiadomo, ale tego newsa nie byo na Schronie wic trzeba nadrobi zalegoci. Wedug Feargus'a Urquhart'a odwoanie prac nad Tacticsem byo smutn decyzj, ale najlepsz w zwizku z problemami finansowymi Interplay'a. FT2 mg po prostu nie wyj tak jak powinien, co mogo by popsu nie tylko wiat gry, ale i mocno zawie spoeczno falloutow.
"While it was too bad that it was cancelled, in the end it was the best decision. With Interplay's financial situation late last year, we would not have been able to support the project as much as it deserved which would have meant that a lot of compromises would have been made. So, the game would probably not have been what everyone who worked on it would have hoped in the end. So ultimately, it could have adversely affected the Fallout universe and fan base."

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