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17 lutego 2002
Niepewna sytuacja moda "FO 2.5" - 18:31 - DoPr
Po skrytykowaniu niektórych rozwiązań przez V13, dolo, pomysłodawca tego moda do Tacticsa, zrezygnował z dalszych prac.
Thanks to low down dirty rotten cruelty from Vault 13, I am cancelling the Fallout 2.5 project. I'm very disillusioned with the gaming community at this moment, and to quote Stevie Case: "My best day is always today. :) The worst days have been those on which I’ve been disappointed by the loss of community spirit among gamers and developers."
Z drugiej strony, po otrzymaniu kilku optymistycznych maili, dolo zdecydował, że spróbuje jeszcze raz (mimo niechęci niektórych stron Falloutowych):
"What I will do, is tone down everything in the mod and take to heart that there might be some value in what Rosh and St Proverbius had to say, no matter how rude and intolerable their chosen tones might have been. I will produce ONE map now, as a test for you all to see what might lie ahead, to show you what the rest of the mod *could* be like, and open it up to discussion. Perhaps there is room in FOT for a single player campaign after all?"

DTEAM - http://dynamic3.gamespy.com/~dteam/news.php
Vault 13 - http://www.vault13.net/
No Mutants Allowed - http://www.nma-fallout.com/
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