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23 lutego 2002
Kopoty Black Isle - 17:10 - Cameron
Niestety, ostatnie plotki donosz, e sytacja w firmie Interplay cigle si pogarsza. Z Black Isle odchodz programici, ktrzy mieli niemay wkad w tworzeniu ich wczeniejszych przebojw. Oto fragment z Duck and Cover :

"Black Isle Studios, developers of the Baldur’s Gate series of RPG’s, has reportedly lost several employees lately. These losses include the lead artist on Planescape Torment and TORN, as well as one of the modellers and animators. Also bailing on Black Isle was the main programmer from an as yet unnannounced title, and the concept artist who worked on Icewind Dale.

Word is one of the upcoming BI projects will be a remake of an old Interplay product, which doesn’t seem to be inspiring the employees around the building to stay. No, it won’t be an RPG.

Reportedly resumes are flowing out of Black Isle. This can’t bode well for the development studio".

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