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24 marca 2002
Black Isle Studios - 1:27 - DoPr
Niedawno w sieci pokazała się informacja o tym, że mnóstwo osób opuściło Black Isle:

"1 Tim D Lead Artist on the award winning Planescape Torment and the cancelled TORN(hardly a low talent, Tim was a major player in the BIS inner circle)...now at Trilunar
2 Eric C Lead Animator and Senior character modeller Planescape Torment. Now at trilunar. the only guy in the division who could both model and animate.
3. Jason M. 2-D Artist Icewind Dale, Heart of Winter...now at Troika.
4 Pete M. Lead Artist and Lead Animator The Icewind Dale series.
5 Steve B Primary Designer Icewind Dale series.
6 Hector E Modeller IWD2 and TORN
7 Justin S Art Director(formerly)/ Senior Production Artist
8 Derek J Modeller
9 Eric W Senior Programmer
10 John W Lead Designer
11 Rob N Art Director

Jak chyba widać, zrezygnowali z pracy jedni z najlepszych ludzi BIS, który teraz nie ma żadnych animatorów i artystów 2D. Ponadto nie ma części najlepszych twórców poziomów i projektantów. Black Isle stara się uzupełniać braki w ludziach, ale ci którzy się do nich zgłaszają nie mogą się równać z tymi co niedawno odeszli. A dlaczego wyżej wymienieni wybrali inne firmy? Ponieważ nie chcieli pracować nad jakimś jeszcze nie ogłoszonym projektem na PS2, który nie dawał im żadnej satysfakcji z pracy. Blizzard, Troika czy Trilunar na pewno dali by im o wiele ciekawszy i godny ich umiejętności projekt. Te informacje pochodzą z anonimowego listu:

"These people all left on their own accord over the past couple months. NONE WERE PUSHED OUT. All left for better opportunities elsewhere. Simple as that. The spiteful person who would say otherwise once championed their work to the highest degrees. On the contrary the management around the office did all they could to get people to stay. Some of the guys were earmarked for a second project and they left too. We were promised a good project and got stuck rehashing art for an unnanounced PS2 title instead of Fallout 3. Why would anyone want to stay to work on a junky title when they could go down the street and work at Blizzard, Troika or Trilunar? They would be paid more there, get more respect and work on quality titles.

now it seems we are bringing in artists and such out of QA and off the street just to fill the offices. We simply are not getting the quality portfolios anymore. I haven't seen a decent animation reel in a year.

Currently we have NO animators. They all left. If Black we were pushing out the no talents then why would there be no animators and no 2D artists anymore..not to mention some of the level creators. Those were the part of our divisions strenghths. Even Designers have left...both of them major players.

if you simply listed the positions and looked at what these people did for us then you will see that these aligations are simply not true.

we will barely survive ..if at all...we are down to only one team.

Dont look for the title we are working on to ship any time soon. (not IWD 2 that was done before they all left.)

We are struggling. Do not doubt that. Everyone who works here knows it.


maurice beats
stinking fink
black isle

PS discretion is appreciated...a published list of the positions held would accurately dispute the bullshit claim of people being forced to leave here. It was an EXODUS!

that kind of shit is why they left.

J.E. Sawyer jednak potwierdza, że to wszystko jest prawdą... choć nie do końca dokładną. Justin Sweet nadal pracuje dla Black Isle, ale na pół etetu. Pozatym Justin S. Wykonał większość portretów dla IWD2 i ma zakontraktowane mnóstwo pracy przy Wizards of the Coast. Natomiast Rob Nessler właściwie nigdy nie pracował nad jakimkolwiek tytułem. Dopiero miał pracować, ale odszedł zanim rozpoczęła się produkcja.

"All of those are true, with the following exceptions:

Justin Sweet still works for Black Isle, part-time. In fact, most of the new IWD2 portraits were done by Justin. He does a lot of contract work for Wizards of the Coast (the cover of Magic of Faerun, the FR DM's screen, etc.) Rob Nessler never actually worked on a Black Isle title. He was essentially the big dev overseer guy. Although he was going to work on a BIS game, he left before any production actually took place.

All of the other people did, indeed, leave over about a nine month period. I won't explain their reasons for leaving, as they are many, varied, and, above all else, their business to explain.

Na ten temat wypowiedział się również Feargus Urquhart. Zaprzeczył temu, że Black Isle oferuje niskie płace i twierdzi, że pod tym względem są bardzo konkurencyjni. Stwierdził również, że zatrudniają nowych, bardzo dobrych ludzi. Ponadto dodał, że odbyło się głosowanie nad następnym projektem, w którym brali udział główni projektanci, artyści (graficy), programiści i producenci. Głosowanie był nie anonimowe, a on nie brał w nim udziału.
Feargus nadmienił jeszcze, że morale w firmie zostało kompletnie zmiażdżone, ale w BIS wciąż pracuje 40 ludzi nad innymi projektami.

"A lot of the people that left Black Isle were very talented and number of them are going to be very difficult, if not impossible, to replace because of who they were. I miss seeing a lot of those people every day.

However, there are a few inaccuracies in some of the things that have been stated:

1) Black Isle has been and continues to be very competitive when it comes to the salaries that we offer.

2) We are able to hire people as we had two very talented people join Black Isle this Monday.

3) While we have had to make some business decisions as to the games that we work on - the last decision concerning which products we would go onto next was voted on by all of the Leads (Designers, Artists, Programmers) and Producers in the division. The vote was unanimous - I did not vote.

Interestingly, I have had a fairly steady stream of people coming into my office and asking why we don't use the Infinity Engine again now that we have upgraded it so much for IWD2. If people's morale was completely crushed - things like this would not be brought up.

And lastly, as I have continued to say, there are still Forty people in Black Isle that are working directly on projects. That does not include myself, our web girl, our Audio and Localization producer, our two QA guys, and the Hick - who manages all our equipment, software and desert burials.

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