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01 maja 2002
About Fallout 3 rumors (if rumors) for nonpolish readers. - 2:34 - DoPr
I can see that we have nonpolish visitors so that's for you... Fallout 3, rumor or not, is announced by two official pages: www.cdprojekt.info (look at this: http://www.cdprojekt.info/wszystko_o_grze.asp?action=ShowGame&gid=287) and www.fallout.cdprojekt.pl (check this out: http://fallout.cdprojekt.pl/archiwum.asp?id=news&month=4&year=2002). CD Projekt is Polish distributor of Fallouts, and the information given by their publication schedule says that Fallout will come out in 2002, and it will need Pentium III 600Mhz and 128 MB RAM. The second site adds that it will have isometric view, better fights and it will only by paused like in Baldur's Gate - no turn-based system.
That's what was said, but we should wait for E3 to verify all these information.

Uzupenienie dla polskich czytelnikw:
"- Gra bdzie najprawdopodobniej 3D (rzut izometryczny, co ala Warcraft3).
- Walka zostanie znacznie urozmaicona (min. nowe tryby strzelania).
- Fallout 3 bdzie si odbywa w real-time, to znaczy nie bdzie turwk (jednak dodana zostanie opcja pauzy - patrz Baldurs Gate).
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