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15 czerwca 2002
Chris Avellone chce Fallouta3 - 12:40 - Noe
In a IWD2 interview Chris Avellone answered this to the question "What game would you like to do next?":
16) If you had free reign to work on any type/style/genre of game, what kind of game would you do?

Tex: I’ve always been a big fan of strategy RPGs. Final Fantasy Tactics and Tactics Ogre were games which I’d turn on the Playstation at around noon time and before I knew it, it was noon time the next day! The battles themselves are something that I could spend hours upon hours just playing around with, and having a chance to make a title that used a turn-based system combined with a great story and plot, would make a project that I would love to work on.
Chris: Fallout 3.

Dla nieobytych z angielskim Chris Avellone przyznaje że kolejną grą jaką chciałby zrobić jest rozbudowany rpg z akcją w turach, a konkretnie Fallout3.

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