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21 grudnia 2003
Fallout 3 yje? - 0:47 - Noe
Takie wraenie mona odnie czytajc newsa na DAC. Z kolei oni powouj si na serwis Evil Avatar, na ktrym czytamy m.in.:
[...] Black Isle Studios remains open with projects pending, the status of Fallout 3 is under review, and Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel will ship on January 13.
As far as this "under review" status for Fallout 3, Interplay had this to say: "Fallout lives...now that is not to say we have a new Fallout PC game coming in the next few months, but management will do what it can to maximize the intellectual property it owns and the fan base it has, within the financial parameters it must operate.

Wic moe BIS wcale nie jest jeszcze zamknite a na Fallout 3 nie postawiono jeszcze kreski...
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